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Jan 4, 2015 The lyrics are incredibly scandalous, so they cant be quoted extensively. But the Nobody canna cross it, is only who can understan. Jun 22, 2011 DESPITE mounting international recognition, Clifton Brown — the star of the viral YouTube video "Nobody canna cross it/the bus can swim. Nobody Canna Cross It” is a video remix series based on a Jamaican news interview clip with a local Mavis Bank resident Clifton Brown about the flooding

Jan 22, 2013 Cliff Twang became an overnight YouTube sensation after a remix video “ Nobody Canna Cross It” went viral. Twang has since received several. By now, most of us have encountered the viral video “Nobody Canna Cross It ( Bus Can Swim)” that has swept the social media newsfeeds in the past two weeks. Jun 20, 2011 The highlight of Saipan's Flame Tree Arts Festival…without a doubt · “Nobody Canna (cannot) Cross it!” Jamaican Translation and Lyrics.